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When I am away from the camera I enjoy traveling, spending time with people I love, and of course spending time with my dog, Liam.

Of Portuguese decent * speak three languages * fly fishing lover * a writer * morning person * dog lover * an uncle to three* a godfather to four others * prefer mountains but enjoy the beach * vintage anything * autumn over any season* fireplace lover * enjoy time spent with good folks * 80’s music lover * believer in following your dreams * coffee over tea * red wine over beer * a good son & person.

BESIDES MY PASSION FOR WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY I LOVE ALL FORMS OF PHOTOGRAPHY AND ENJOY SHOOTING FREELANCE WHEN I HAVE DOWNTIME. This site is a place I can express my own personal vision which captures moments of emotion, beauty and the diversity of this beautiful world around us. PLEASE CLICK BELOW to be directed to GALLERIES WITH SOME OF MY PERSONAL FAVORITES.  

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Personal Work